• Pireneje Wysokie mapa 1:200 000 IGN, mapa samochodowa
  • Pireneje Wysokie mapa 1:200 000 IGN, mapa samochodowa

Pireneje Wysokie mapa 1:200 000 IGN

Rodzaj produktu: mapa samochodowa
Producent: IGN
Język: angielski, francuski, niemiecki
Data wydania: 28-02-2010
Europa / Pireneje
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From IGN's series covering each of the French adminstrative departments at 1:200 000 comes this Hautes-Pyrenees map. The map number D65 reflects the official French department number and is the first two digits of all the postcodes within that department. Road detail is very clear on the map as there are no contour lines or relief shading, the only colouring present is to indicate forested or built up areas. Toll sections, free sections and speed cameras are shown on the motorways and the smaller local roads are classified according to their width and the number of lanes. Intermediate road distances are given on many roads, but not all. The map also clearly marks out the boundaries of the communes within the department, the index refers to these - also giving an indication of each communes population in thousands of inhabitants. The legend is in French, English and German, the little blurb about how the index works is only in French but it has pictures for us unilingual philistines.

Informacje dodatkowe

Rodzaj produktu mapa samochodowa
Wydawca IGN
Skala 1:200 000
Język angielski, francuski, niemiecki
Indeks miejscowości
Data wydania 28-02-2010
Oprawa miękka
Ilość stron 2
Wymiary / mm 110 x 250
Waga / gr 65
EAN 9782758520320
ISBN 978-27-5852-032-0

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