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  1. India Phrasebook, rozmówki, Lonely Planet

    India Phrasebook

    Lonely Planet, EAN: 9781741794809
    Over one billion people speaking in 22 official languages - it'd be easy to mistake your Kashmiri from your Konkani, but not with this little beauty in your backpack. You'll be conversing effortlessly across the whole inspiring land.

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  2. Just Point!, słownik, Lonely Planet

    Just Point!

    Lonely Planet, EAN: 9781760340636

    Travel comfort woes begone. Never again be lost for words. Overcome any language barrier, wherever you travel. With Just Point! in your daypack, you’ll be able to communicate all essential messages ­ and maybe a few non­essential ones, too! Th...
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2 produkt(ów)