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Francja Dorling Kindersley France

Rodzaj produktu: przewodnik
Producent: Dorling Kindersley
Język: angielski
Data wydania: 2009
Europa / Francja
Europa / Francja / Francja
Menu / Przewodniki


The chapters of this book have been divided into 16 color-coded regions that reflect the diversity of France.

These are based on the country’s historical regions that were often defined by their geography and landscape as much as by their influence and power.

Each has developed its own special flavor; its own architecture, cuisine, customs, music, dress, dialect and even language.

The pages of the Eyewitness Travel Guide will give a taste of these areas and show you what there is to see and do.

Annually revised and updated with beautiful new full-color photos, illustrations, and maps, this guide includes information on local customs, currency, medical services, and transportation.

Discover the many faces of France with this full-colour Eyewitness Travel Guide, from the romance of the left bank and world-class architecture of the Louvre, to the island-life of Corsica and rolling vineyards of Bordeaux.

Informacje dodatkowe

Kod 9781405333665
Rodzaj produktu przewodnik
Wydawca Dorling Kindersley
Autor Dorling Kindersley
Język angielski
Data wydania 2009
Ilość stron 720
EAN 9781405333665
Kontynent Europa
Kraj / obszar Francja
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