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Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts, atlas, Lonely Planet
  • Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts, atlas, Lonely Planet
  • Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts, atlas, Lonely Planet

Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts

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Rodzaj produktu: atlas
Producent: Lonely Planet
Język: angielski
Data wydania: 01-07-2019
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Weekend darmowej dostawy

If you believe that all you need to fight an evil bloodthirsty fiend is garlic or holy water, think again. What you need is to keep a cool head and reach for your copy of Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts!

Have you heard of the headless man roaming Edinburgh Castle? Or the mysterious girl who asks for a ride to the cemetery and then disappears into the night? What about orcs, trolls, gremlins, krakens, bunyips and the Yara-Ma-Yha-Who?

Join famous monster hunter Van Helsing on a trip around the globe to find haunted castles, restless spirits, terrifying dragons, wicked witches, and more. Learn the defining characteristics of each beast, where it can be found and – most importantly – how to defeat it.

Organised by continent for easy monster-tracking, Lonely Planet Kids’ Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts gives you the lowdown on the world’s most famous ghosts and mythological creatures, each brought to life by Laura Brenlla’s beautiful illustrations.

Suitable for children ages 9-12

Informacje dodatkowe

Kod 9781788683463
Rodzaj produktu atlas
Wydawca Lonely Planet
Autor Praca zbiorowa
Seria Lonely Planet Kids
Język angielski
Data wydania 01-07-2019
Wydanie 1
Oprawa twarda
Ilość stron 96
Wymiary / mm 270x357
Waga / gr 1150
ISBN 978-1-78868-346-3
EAN 9781788683463
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