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Algarve, przewodnik, Rother
  • Algarve, przewodnik, Rother


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Rodzaj produktu: przewodnik
Producent: Rother
Język: angielski
Data wydania: 04-04-2018
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Is the Algarve a paradise for hikers? If you are travelling to the south-western corner of the European continent you will already have a clear idea of the landscape. Endless stretches of sandy beaches, clear blue sea, the magnificently shaped coastal cliffs with their yellow to reddish sandstone rocks. But the Algarve - an area of land blessed with a wonderful climate - does not only consist of coast, beaches and sea. A hinterland of hills risings up higher and higher to the north to almost 1000m, the rocky coastline on the Atlantic in the west and in the east the infrequently visited Sotavento all offer other gems to explore in this region situated at the edge of Europe. The 22 coastal walks in this guide follow safe paths along the whole of the southern coastline of the Algarve. From the south-western corner of Europe and the distant Sagres they go in easy stages past the spectacular cliffs of Barlavento to the east as far as the islands and the far sandy beaches in Sotavento on the other side of the metropolis of Faro. Another 29 walks incorporate the splendour of a little frequented hinterland of the Algarve. From the superb unspoilt western coast they go across a landscape of forest and barrage weirs in the hinterland of Lagos to the gorges and picturesque peaks of the Monchique mountain range. The rivers near to the ancient town of Silves offer just as delightful walks as does the hilly countryside around the white villages of Alte und Salir. And who would have expected waterfalls in the Algarve? The outstanding highpoint is the walk across the broad river meadows of the Guadiana that forms the border with Spain. This guide aims to give you the courage to make a trip into the unknown. It opens up, together with the beach area developed by tourism, a hugely diverse landscape both geologically and in respect to its vegetation. Only if you have hiked along the coast and into the hinterland can you truthfully say that you have indeed visited this varied region. The detailed route descriptions are preceded by up-to-date information in fact-file form. Small walking maps marked with the line of the route make route finding easier and numerous photos complete the picture.

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Najniższa cena z 30 dni 62,99
Tytuł oryginalny Algarve The finest valley and mountain walks
Kod 9783763348251
Rodzaj produktu przewodnik
Wydawca Rother
Autor Ulrich Enzel
Rodzaj przewodnika ilustrowany
Język angielski
Data wydania 04-04-2018
Oprawa miękka
Ilość stron 160
Zdjęcia ilość 80
Wymiary / mm 115x165
Wysokość / mm 10
Waga / gr 184
ISBN 978-3-7633-4825-1
EAN 9783763348251
Kontynent Europa
Kraj / obszar Portugalia
  1. tylko dla wtajemniczonych :) ocenione przez Hubert dnia 25.03.2020
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    Portugalskie Algarve oprócz pięknych plaż, życzliwych portugalczyków i dobrej kuchni ma w części północnej ciekawe górki do chodzenia. I o tym m. in. jest ten przewodnik - o miejscu gdzie można znaleźć ścieżkę tylko dla siebie, jeśli człowiek sięgnie poza turystycznie oblegane plaże i pola golfowe.

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