Sierra Leone

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  1. West Africa, przewodnik, Lonely Planet

    West Africa

    Lonely Planet

    , przewodnik, EAN: 9781786570420

    96,90 zł

    114,90 zł

    West Africa has cachet and soul. Home to the African landscapes of our imaginations and inhabited by an astonishing diversity of traditional peoples, this is Africa as it once was. Lonely Planet will get you to the... Dowiedz się więcej
  2. Sierra Leone Bradt, przewodnik

    Sierra Leone Bradt


    , przewodnik, EAN: 9781841624129

    72,90 zł

    99,90 zł

    This is the only English-language guide on the market dedicated exclusively to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is about the size of Wales and manages to squeeze beaches, rainforests, mountains, savannah grasslands, marshes,... Dowiedz się więcej

2 produkt(ów)

Lista Siatka Skrócona lista