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  1. Botswana & Namibia, przewodnik, Lonely Planet

    Botswana and Namibia

    Lonely Planet, EAN: 9781786570390
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    Ever wanted to experience the raw, wild heart of Africa? Teeming with wildlife and lush with extraordinary landscapes, Botswana and Namibia unfurl so many African dreams. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Botswana & Namibia, with amazing tra...
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  2. Africa South and Central, 1:2,200,000 / 3,400,000, mapa samochodowa, ITMB

    Africa South and Central, 1:2,200,000 / 3,400,000

    ITMB, EAN: 9781553412731
    This title is in our series of regional titles for Africa at 1:3,400,000 scale. All of Africa is available as a continental sheet at 1:5M scale and as regional titles at 1:3,8M and 1:3,4M, based on GIS data. This is a milestone for ITMB and the reali...
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2 produkt(ów)