Kazachstan mapa 1:3 000 000 GiziMap, mapa samochodowa
  • Kazachstan mapa 1:3 000 000 GiziMap, mapa samochodowa
  • Kazachstan mapa 1:3 000 000 GiziMap, mapa samochodowa

Kazachstan mapa 1:3 000 000 GiziMap

Rodzaj produktu: mapa samochodowa
Producent: Gizi Map
Język: angielski, francuski, niemiecki, rosyjski, włoski
Data wydania: 30-08-2009
Azja / Kazachstan
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Gizi Map coverage of Kazakhstan, available in either a geographical or a political edition, extends well beyond the country’s boundaries to include the other four Central Asian countries: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, as well as part of western China, northern half of Afghanistan and a large part of Iran. Both versions show the area’s rail and road networks, including dirt tracks, and give driving distances on major roads. Local administrative boundaries are marked and names of provinces are shown. All place names are transliterated, with alternative versions provided where necessary, particularly in the border areas. Detailed topographic information includes names of mountain ranges, deserts and other geographical features, spot heights, swamps and salt flats, glaciers, etc. National parks are highlighted. Lines of latitude and longitude are drawn at 2° intervals. Map legend includes English. This geographical edition: The map has altitude coloring to provide an excellent picture of the area’s topography. Index of localities is on the reverse of the map. This revised edition uses a slightly different, more recently adopted transliteration than the political version of this map.

Informacje dodatkowe

Rodzaj produktu mapa samochodowa
Wydawca Gizi Map
Skala 1:3 000 000
Język angielski, francuski, niemiecki, rosyjski, włoski
Indeks miejscowości
Data wydania 30-08-2009
Oprawa twarda
Ilość stron 2
Wymiary / mm 130 x 240
Wymiary po rozłożeniu / mm 880 x 1200
Waga / gr 160
EAN 9789630083157
ISBN 978-96-3008-315-7

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