• Iran, 1:2 000 000, mapa samochodowa, Gizi Map
  • Iran, 1:2 000 000, mapa samochodowa, Gizi Map

Iran, 1:2 000 000

Rodzaj produktu: mapa samochodowa
Producent: GiziMap
Język: angielski, arabski, francuski, niemiecki, rosyjski
Data wydania: 01-01-2009
Azja / Iran
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Iran on an indexed map at 1:2,000,000 from Gizi Map with bold altitude colouring to show its topography, provincial boundaries and an additional inset showing the administrative division into provinces, road and rail networks, places of interest, etc. Coverage extends west to include eastern Iraq with Baghdad, Kirkuk and Najaf, plus and whole of Kuwait. In the north and east much of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan are included. Most of the Persian Gulf is also covered, including the Strait of Hormuz. Topography is shown by bold altitude with plenty of names of various geographical features: mountain ranges, deserts, etc. Names of selected larger towns are shown in both Arabic and Latin alphabet. Road network is graded six types, plus selected country tracks, and shows driving distances on main routes and locations of border crossings. Railway lines are included and domestic airports are marked. Also shown are internal administrative boundaries and names of the provinces. Symbols indicate various places of interest, including UNESCO World Heritage sites, archaeological sites, museums, etc. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1° intervals. The index is on the reverse and lists location with names of the provinces. Multilingual legend includes English, Russian and Farsi. A separate inset at 1:8,500,000 showing Iran’s administrative division into provinces.

Informacje dodatkowe

Rodzaj produktu mapa samochodowa
Wydawca GiziMap
Skala 1:2 000 000
Język angielski, arabski, francuski, niemiecki, rosyjski
Indeks miejscowości
Data wydania 01-01-2009
Wydanie I
Oprawa twarda
Ilość stron 2
Wymiary / mm 130 x 240
Waga / gr 111
EAN 9789638703026
ISBN 978-96-3870-302-6

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