• Indie Pakistan rozmówki Lonely Planet Hindi Urdu & Bengali phrasebook, rozmówki

Indie Pakistan rozmówki Lonely Planet Hindi Urdu & Bengali phrasebook

Rodzaj produktu: rozmówki
Producent: Lonely Planet
Język: angielski
Data wydania: 2011
Azja / Indie
Azja / Pakistan
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Notes Lonely Planet gratis

Hindi and Urdu are generally considered to be one spoken language with two different literary traditions. This means that Hindi and Urdu speakers who shop in the same markets (and watch the same Bollywood films) have no problems understanding each other. Bengali is spoken by approximately 220 million people, ranking it as the fourth most spoken language in the world.

This book gives you the practical phrases you need to get by in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali, as well as all the fun, spontaneous phrases that can lead to a better understanding of its speakers. Once you’ve got the hang of how to pronounce the language, the rest is just a matter of confidence. Local knowledge, new relationships and a sense of satisfaction are on the tip of your tongue. So don’t just stand there, say something!

Informacje dodatkowe

Tytuł oryginalny Hindi Urdu & Bengali phrasebook
Rodzaj produktu rozmówki
Wydawca Lonely Planet
Autor Richard Delacy, Shahara Ahmed
Język angielski
Data wydania 2011
Oprawa miękka
Ilość stron 304
Wymiary / mm 93 x 140
Waga / gr 168
EAN 9781742203065
ISBN 978-1-74220-306-5

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