Bangladesz Indie wschodnie 1:750 000 / 1:500 000 IMTB, mapa samochodowa
  • Bangladesz Indie wschodnie 1:750 000 / 1:500 000 IMTB, mapa samochodowa
  • Bangladesz Indie wschodnie 1:750 000 / 1:500 000 IMTB, mapa samochodowa

Bangladesz Indie wschodnie 1:750 000 / 1:500 000 IMTB

Rodzaj produktu: mapa samochodowa
Producent: ITMB
Język: angielski
Azja / Bangladesz
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I like Bangladesh. Sure, the government is too corrupt and the country gets schmucked every time there's a hurricane, but the people are friendly and hard-working and gradually improving their country. As a travel destination, Bangladesh has to be considered as part of a trip to India for most people, so in addition to updating and modernizing our artwork, we have added a map of the easternmost portion of India, showing access routes and sites of interest in both countries. One of the great treats of Bangladesh is to take a ferry from Dhaka to Khulna, a two-day trip. The map also includes an inset of Dhaka, the capital, although we had to show only a few of the thousands of mosques in the city. Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Airports, Ferrie routes, Bus stations, Car parks, State boudaries, border crossings, Camping areas, Hotels, Hospitals, Post offices, Shopping centers, Police Stations, Libraries, Embasssies, Banks, Stadiums, Museums, Tourist information centers, Points of interest, Temples, Monuments and historical sites, Churches, Mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Jain Temples, Palaces, Notable buildings, Cinemas and theatres, Waterfalls, Lighthouses, Forts, Wildlife reserves, Bird sanctuaries, Natural reserves, Tea plantings, Mountain peaks and elevations, Caves, Hot springs, Gardens, Golf courses, Rafting, World heritage sites, Viewpoints, Beaches, Universities, and much more.

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Rodzaj produktu mapa samochodowa
Wydawca ITMB
Skala 1:500 000, 1:750 000
Język angielski
Indeks miejscowości, ulic
Oprawa miękka
Ilość stron 2
Wymiary / mm 105 X 245
Waga / gr 58
EAN 9781553411420
ISBN 978-15-5341-142-0

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